Assemblage involves the thoughtful combination of elements to create something new and original. Each process differs significantly when materials are chosen, collected, and combined with one another. The thought process of  RJ Rosegarten’s  techniques is to synthesize materials to produce a cohesive result. Lost and Found : The Art of Assemblage showcases three-dimensional assemblage pieces alongside one another to create a complex language.

*A portion of the sales from all artworks sold through this exhibition will be donated to the Gold Coast Arts Center. 

Artist Statement:

RJ Rosegarten
Just as I have reinvented myself a number of times in the past thirty years, so too has my art undergone a metamorphosis. Over the last ten years, it has moved from post-Pop paintings to a more muscular sculptural medium, where form and design take precedence over color.

Flea markets, garage and barn sales are entertainment in the country and have become an essential part of my new work with found objects. One day I might find a rusted scythe with a broken wooden handle; the next day a box of glass dolls’ eyes or a red View-Master. I put the material in labeled boxes and store them to be rediscovered.

When I select objects for a new composition, I may sit with them for days, moving them around like pieces on a chessboard until they take shape. Placement and balance are key. I remove pieces; add others, balancing shadows, shapes, textures and color until I know instinctively that the work is completed: the new composition has taken on another dimension, a unity of its own and gained strength and character.

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