Ceramics Classes

Spirit of Clay

Ages 6+. Wear comfy old clothes and join us while we discover the world of clay.

NEW Advanced Spirit of Clay


Ages 9+. Explore hand-building, the potter's wheel and unique glazing techniques on your ceramics projects.

NEW Friends and Family Ceramics


All ages and levels! This class is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones while being creative and learning something new.

Adult Ceramics


Leave the stressful workday behind! Create pieces by handbuilding, throwing, or a combination of both techniques. You will be taught a variety of methods to build, decorate, and glaze your ceramic projects.

Family Ceramics Workshop

All ages. Let the whole family in on the messy FUN! Parents, grandparents, kids of all ages come together to create unique art projects or glaze collectibles and ceramics bisqueware.