New Classes

NEW! Ballet Jazz/Hop

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Ages 6+. This is a combination class of Ballet and Hip Hop/Jazz for our students. Students will learn the basics of ballet and the fun of hip hop and jazz while working on flexibility, balance, building strength and rhythm in a fun and encouraging atmosphere

Chess – New Day Available!

Ages 5-16. Taught by professional chess masters. Intellectual creativity at its best! Chess time is split between instruction and tournament play. Students will learn chess notation, strategies and tactics as well as develop strategies to improve their skills in an enjoyable environment.

New* Introduction to Robotics

Ages 7+. Students will build and learn to write programs for the Vex IQ robot and will work through a series of guided physical challenges with their robots to develop programming skills.

Fencing – New Day Available!


Ages 7-16. Learn footwork, tactics, and timing from a fencing master.

NEW! Sing, Dance, Act!

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Ages 7-14. Do you want to know what it takes to be on Broadway? In this class, students will learn improv, scene breakdown, blocking, singing, dance choreography, and theatre vocabulary. Students will perform one musical number from a hit Broadway show at the end of the semester!