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The Gold Coast Arts Center is proud to host so many accomplished artists from across all disciplines, who share their talents in educating and inspiring our students. All of our teaching artists are working professionals in their respective fields.

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Instructor Spotlight: Gerry Towns

IMG_5096Chess instructor Gerry Towns is a chess master and is ranked in the 93rd percentile of tournament players. He was ranked as a top 100 player for his age group when he was 15, 16, 17, and 18 years of age, and has participated in 200 rated tournaments.Says Gerry, “chess was a great source of joy for me as a child. The game is very deep, offering endless amounts of fun for the problem-solving and puzzle-loving child. It’s a constant challenge against not only one’s opponent but also oneself; to dig deeper and deeper in each game to find the solution. After each game, the mind is sharpened. Teaching is not so different from a game of chess, in that one must dig deep in each classroom in order to find the optimal way of presenting the game of chess to the class, and this makes teaching a welcomed challenge, much like the game of chess itself.”