MEGAN CLANCY, who began dancing and performing at age 3, comes from a professional performing family. She attended the Professional Performing Arts High School, Manhattan and studied Dance, Theatre Arts at City College of New York; Musical Theatre, Dance and Vocal at the Professional Performing Arts School; Vocal and Dance at the Harlem School of the Arts; Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Musical Theatre at the Broadway Dance Center. Megan has worked with The Harlem Repertory Theatre and has taught Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance at the 92nd street Y; Harkness Dance Center; and the Israel Center for Conservative Judaism. She is the Co-Choreographer for The City College of New York productions. In addition to bringing joy and confidence to her dance students at GNAC’s School for the Arts, she is also a teaching artist working with its Out Reach/Art Reach program, teaching Musical Theatre.

CANDICE OWEN-WILLIAMS has been director of over 45 innovative musicals and plays at The American School in Switzerland and Carlisle School in Southwestern Virginia. Her trademark is devising new works in a collaborative platform with her student artists. Including choreography and music, her works combine all aspects of the theatre arts so that her students recognize the synthesis of talents needed to produce quality theatre. She began a popular Community Theatre Company in Virginia, created and directed a work, Dolphins, for Greenpeace, won the Clive Hooker Award for Dedication to the Arts and recently was honored with the Carlisle stage being named after her. Since her love of Shakespeare was developed when she lived in the United Kingdom, many of Candace’s finest productions have been adaptations of the Bard. Candace is currently teaching writing at Hofstra University.

MATTHEW WOOD received his Bachelors’ in Drama & Theatre from Queens College. He has performed at the  Irish Theatre at the University of Galway in Galway, Ireland with the Bank of Ireland Theatre and studied with Academy Award Nominee Stephen Rea, Tony Award Nominee Charles Repole, Susan Einhorn and Broadway stars such as Paul Michael Valley (1776) and John Hickok (Aida, Little Women). Matthew also received vocal training from Paul Michael Valley and studied film acting with Zach Galligan (star of Gremlins). Before graduating in 2009, he received the Robin Hirshfield Miller Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting. He spent the last two years as the Drama Specialist for the Central Queens Y Program at PS 165 in Kew Gardens, and directed the  Theatre Arts/Drama outreach program at Bleeker JHS 185, The Caroline Atkinson School in Freeport, Long Island, and for the Gold Coast Arts Center.