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When School is Closed, We’re Open! Save Your Spot Now!

Vacation Arts is the perfect choice for no school days.  Choose your own dates and schedule your Pre-K through 9th grade children for a fun, exciting and active day. Experience sessions in Art, Music, Chess, Dance and Acting taught by experienced teachers.

For more information about programs and to register, call 516-829-2570.

Holiday Recess: December 26-28 2018- Register Now!

Winter Recess: February 19-22 2019- Register Now!

Spring Recess: April 22-26 2019- Register Now!

9:00 am – 3:00 pm
w/ snack time & lunch break
A NUT-FREE snack and lunch is included in tuition. Transportation not provided.

Choose your own dates! Sign up for one, two, three, or all!
Save $25 sibling discount when 5 or more vacation arts days are purchased!

One Day…….Tuition: $102/Member: $99
Two Days…..Tuition: $193/Member: $182
Three Days…Tuition: $273/Member: $256
Four Days…..Tuition: $336/Member: $316
Five Days……Tuition: $385/Member: $360
Six Days……..Tuition: $462/Member: $432

Additional charges will be incurred if drop-off and pick-up are before 9:00am or after 3:00pm respectively