Featuring: Robert Scott, Ph.d. • Orestes Gonzalez • Jean Timsit • Fran Kaufman • Emily S. Corbato • George Adler • Annalisa Iadicico

Every picture has a story. Every photographer is a visual storyteller. Gaze through the lens of these photographers and join them on a unique journey to all corners of the world: from the Americas, to Iceland, to India and the Far East.

The work on view explores photography’s ability to describe and convey a sense of place and the people that exist within it. Whether referencing an immediately identifiable location or one that is conceptual and abstract, each photograph encourages the viewer to contemplate the physical context in which the picture was taken.

The photographers featured in this exhibition offer individual “visions of the world” through their compelling images. Their unique viewpoints and artistic approaches–as well as the diversity of their subject matter-eflect the vast multitude of visions worldwide.

These photographers also demonstrate a contemplation of subject that is refreshing in today’s age. The tendency to instantly record and share pictures with iPhones does not necessarily reflect the intimacy between artist and subject that can be achieved through the lens of a camera. The work in this exhibition express that deep connection that can be created with the camera in hand.