Current Exhibit

Solar Impressions

The exhibition runs from January 26 through April, 2020.

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 26, 2020, 4:00-6:00 pm
Free event!

This exhibition is a result of nearly a three decade friendship with artist and master printmaker Dan Welden, developer of the Solarplate etching process. Dan has devoted a significant part of his rich career to sharing his knowledge and experience in printmaking with fellow artists from around the world. I consider Dan a treasure, as a great artist and friend he altered the art of etching by developing the Solarplate process, doing away with acids and solvents while keeping printmakers healthy by respecting the environment. The exhibition, Solar Impressions, brings together 40+ artists. Each of these artists represent an ongoing exploration of the Solarplate etching process.

-Jude Amsel, Gallery Curator


Printmaking with SOLARPLATE is a simple approach and safer alternative to traditional etching and relief printing. SOLARPLATE is a prepared, light-sensitive polymer surface on a steel backing for artists to produce fine prints. Since Dan Welden’s development of the process in the 1970’s, printmakers, painters, photographers, and art teachers interested in multiple impressions have found printmaking with SOLARPLATE an exciting adventure.


“When an artist works in silence, the art speaks to us without words” –Dan Welden