Open auditions for 2023-2024
Competition Dance Team
(Age as of September 2023)

Date: Thursday, June 8, 2023
Place: Gold Coast Arts Center
113 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY


 Ages 7-9 (new to lyrical competition)
Lyrical   4-4:30pm

 Ages 6-8
Hip Hop   4:30-5pm
Jazz         5-5:30pm

Ages 9-11
Musical Theater/ Jazz 5:30-6pm
Lyrical                        6-6:30pm
Hip Hop                      6:30-7pm

Ages 12+
Jazz/ Musical Theater   7-7:30pm
Lyrical/ Contemporary  7:30-8pm
Hip Hop                        8-8:30pm

For more information please call us at (516) 829-2570.


What should the dancer prepare for the audition?

Dancers do not need to prepare anything for the audition.

What shoes should the dancer wear? What attire should the dancer wear?

Dancers should wear tights and a leotard. If auditioning for hip hop ONLY, then dancers should wear black leggings and a comfortable top.

What can we expect from the audition?

Dancers will be taught a small combination in the genre they are auditioning in. They will have to perform it to the best of their ability. They may be asked to improv.

If the dancer cannot make the audition time slot for the genre of dance, can the dancer come at another time?

Unfortunately, no. If special circumstances arise, then please call 516-829-2570 to make a request.

Can you tell me more about what happens if the dancer makes the team? Classes and rehearsal expectations? Any other expectations?

If the dancer makes the team, there are required weekly rehearsals and required weekly dance classes to take. Depending on the number of dancers accepted onto the team, this will determine the number of committed hours. There is 100% attendance policy.

What is the cost to be on the dance competition team?

Cost varies greatly by the number of dances a dancer competes in. It can vary from $300 for the year or $3,000 for the year for rehearsals. In addition, depending on the number of dance classes each week, this could vary from $100-$600 monthly. Each competition has an entrance fee. Each dance has a costume fee.

When do the dance competitions take place?

Dance competitions occur at least 2-3 times per school year and require a full weekend commitment. Locations vary.