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Marie recently found herself abandoned on Christmas Eve by her husband and has been falling apart ever since. Berling has been the eternal “bachelorette” who outwardly denies her age and lives the sweet life, all seems perfect until we find out about her complicated relationship with her daughter. Vanja is still living in the past and has never been able to move on from her late husband. The three life-long girlfriends decides to travel to Italy together to attend a cooking course in Puglia and here they each find the opportunity to redefine themselves and acknowledge that the most important thing in life is their friendship and that it’s never too late to live a more fulfilling life.

Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg | Comedy, Drama | 100 Minutes | Denmark | Danish, Italian with English Subtitles | $12



“The Food Club is a new pleasant piece to add to the string of comedies with mature characters rediscovering life. Everything seems to be already written from the beginning, and yet the director and her screenwriter Anne-Marie Olesen Thinghuus know how to flavour the whole film with a bittersweet and sincere look at old age, and in the end portray, through the adventures of these three grown women who find their strength in their union, a beautiful alternative of life.” – Vittoria Scarpa, Cineuropa

“The Food Club is a feel-good comedy-drama movie that is all about self-discovery, love, friendships, and second chances amongst three women in their 60s, set in an idyllic Italian backdrop. Their gradual transformation into finding themselves, moving on, giving a second chance to love, and to eventually accept old age, is all projected in a heartfelt, sympathetic, sometimes dramatic yet always honest manner by the director.” – Aditi Saha, Janks Reviews

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