February 22, 2022 – March 25, 2022 all-day
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“Non Satis Scire. To Know Is Not Enough.” –Hampshire College Motto

In THE UNMAKING OF A COLLEGE, students at Hampshire College confront a new president’s underhanded attempt to shut down their school and discover that a powerful institution is bullying an inexperienced administration into giving up the independence of one of the most experimenting colleges in the United States. A raucous ode to democracy in action, this film evokes the courage required to stand up to power at a time when many liberal arts colleges are failing.


I am an alum of Hampshire College. My films are a result of the deep inquiry I learned at Hampshire. As someone with a learning disability, I found Hampshire’s inquiry-based learning-where knowledge is not merely received and memorized but rather explored and digested through various methods (photographic, agrarian, scientific, poetic, dramaturgical etc.) – was the best way for me to learn and share. It required to wrestle with ideas, to self-reflect, and to anticipate unexpected obstacles. I was not asked to learn by heart or excel at standard tests. A Hampshire education cultivates critical thinking and ethical reflection. Hampshire was for instance the first liberal arts colleges in the country to require community service by all its students.

In this extent, the students who organized to save Hampshire are implementing what they learnt. One of our visual signatures is projecting the students’ footage over the faces of our main subjects to capture how all consuming the movement had become: the students have given up on normal comforts and are struggling to keep up with their schoolwork as they go to endless meetings, document and share their movement, and talk to the press. The layering of images is a way for the viewer to experience the full spectrum of the work the students undertook. Through projections we are also able to document the trauma of those directly affected by the conflict they endured, creating a catharsis for the viewer, but with an experience created in collaboration with those under our gaze.

–Amy Goldstein

Film Team recommendation:

“An inside look at how future leaders are born. This fascinating story of democracy in action follows a group of college students as they organize the longest sit-in in American college history (75 days!) to challenge their new president’s attempts to destroy the independence of one of the most unique colleges in the United States.” – Caroline Sorokoff, GCIFF Festival Director

Amy Goldstein | Documentary | 84 Minutes | USA | $12