Gold Coast Arts Gallery Blog

More than ever, art can offer inspiration, beauty, and solace. I’ll be sharing with you highlights of past and current and exhibitions. Enjoy and let’s stay connected!

Jude Amsel, Gallery Director

Post #1: “Wall Works”

“Wall Works”, an exhibition of work by graffiti artists who participated from the Long Island City graffiti Mecca was the first exhibition under my leadership as gallery director in 2014.


Post #2: Luba Lukova

Internationally renowned, New York based Luba Lukova is regarded as one of the most distinctive image makers working today. Transcending language, culture, and politics, her Graphic Guts collection features passionate visual reactions to many of the pressing issues of our time.


Post #3: Luis “ZIMAD” Lamboy

Luis is an aerosol artist, designer and illustrator living in The Bronx, NYC. He continues to be a great friend to the Gold Coast Arts Center Gallery.


Post #4: Meet the Gallery Director

Jude Amsel is an artist, educator and gallery director whose work is represented in private collections, museums and public spaces.