Post #4: Meet the Gallery Director

We remain committed to you, our community as we share gallery blogs with you to enjoy our past exhibitions and featured artists at the Gold Coast Arts Gallery.

I would like to thank the Executive Director Regina Gil for her guidance, vision and passion for the arts.

Most importantly, I hope you and yours are healthy. Stay well!

Jude Amsel 
Gallery Director 


JUDE AMSEL is an artist, educator and gallery director whose work is represented in private collections, museums and public spaces.

In 2002, Jude was selected by the State of New York to create a commemorative work honoring the fallen firefighters of September 11, 2001. The memorial is on permanent display at the Fire Museum in New York City.

This permanent memorial to the 343 firefighters who were lost is made up of tiles with the names and images of each firefighter.

In 2003, Jude was awarded by the Gold Coast Arts Center with the Artist of Distinction Award. This award is bestowed to the individual artist whose work in the field of the arts has been outstanding and deserving of recognition. Past recipients have included Francis Ford Coppola, James Rosenquist, and Larry Rivers.

When she became a gallery director in 2015,  Jude envisioned a gallery accessible to everyone as a vibrant public space in service to our community, to foster greater social engagement, critical thinking and creativity.
The gallery interacts with the community by designing programs that inspire, challenge, educate and entertain while recognizing excellence in the visual arts.

For Jude, “Art is essential, as it is the expression of what it means to be human. In experiencing art and creativity, we feel the power of our shared humanity, and empathize with one another as well as those who came before us. I hope you will continue to virtually visit the Gallery and find tangible inspiration and comfort.”

Enjoy listening to Jude’s conversation with Regina Gil Executive Director of the Gold Coast Arts Center. 

In addition please enjoy a conversation with Jude Amsel on the Ginger New York Show hosted by Ginger Broderick , a weekly Manhattan cable show.