Film Team Recommendations: March 25, 2020

“If Your Family is Starting to Drive You Crazy”, GCIFF programmer Rodney Uhler

The Birdcage (Available on Amazon)

I hope you’ve seen this already but why should that stop you from a repeat viewing? This Mike Nicholas adaptation of a French farce is a masterclass in comedic timing. The film takes the classic “meet the in-laws” set up and turns it on its head and then adds a feather boa. Revisiting a classic Robin Williams performance is bittersweet but always hilarious.


You Can Count on Me (Available on Amazon)

Kenneth Lonergan is an underrated American auteur who is working with a fully sharpened tool-belt; he excels at both writing, directing and acting (he did all three here), in both theater and the big screen. No wonder that he attracts talent like Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo who play siblings in this tale of a brother and sister coming together at a crossroads of both their lives.


Muriel’s Wedding (Available on HBO)

We don’t need a reminder that Toni Collete is a treasure, but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that she’s been fantastic from the very beginning. The film equivalent of a favorite comfort food you want to make again and again, the dysfunction and charm never fail to bring me joy.