Film Team Recommendations: June 3, 2020

For If You Are Still Catching Up on The 2020 Oscars Candidates (and 2019 If you’re being honest) – Rodney Uhler

Les Miserables(Available on Netflix)

2020 Oscar Nominee Best International Feature Film

A gripping French drama that shares only name and neighborhood with the famous novel/musical. A newly transferred French policeman quickly learns that unexpected challenges are not exclusive to the rowdy residents of his new precinct but to his new squad partners as well. I watched this on a plane and was the last one off because I simply couldn’t look away.


I Lost My Body(Available on Netflix)

2020 Oscar Nominee Best Animated Feature Film

An animated film about a lost hand trying to reunite with the rest of his body by one of the writers of Amélie? Not as bizarre as you’d think but surprisingly poignant, thrilling and even a bit romantic.


Minding the Gap (Available on Hulu)

2019 Oscar Nominee Best Documentary Feature Film

A heartbreaking portrait of manhood and families hidden inside a coming-of-age skateboard film. An astonishing debut by 30 year old Bing Liu where he chronicled the lives of his close friends, and himself, over ten years. It hasn’t left my mind since I watched it.