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David Elyaho

Did you know that our private Violin instructor, David Elyaho is a member of Long Island University’s Vegetable Orchestra? In this video, along with¬†Solomon Elyaho, and Daniel Battaglia, David performs live using instruments made of butternut squashes, radishes and carrots.


Glenn Manion

Private Music Lesson instructor, Glenn Manion is a member of the band, Squeaky Clean. The band performs well-loved rock and roll songs from the 1950s 1960s 1970s and 1980s LIVE for audiences of all ages, children to seniors.

Robert Hoffman

Robert Hoffman teaches several of our music and musical theatre classes at Gold Coast Arts. View his performance of “Believe EJ”, filmed at our Arts Center here!

Sharon Bernstein

Sharon Bernstein is a private Cello instructor at Gold Coast Arts. She performs with the Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra, as well as the South Shore Symphony. Click the video below to see her perform in the South Shore Symphony!

Click here to learn about the Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra.
Click here to learn about the South Shore Symphony.


Jan Kus & The Slavo Rican Assembly, explores the similarities and differences between the music of the Puerto Rican (and generally, Caribbean) and Slavic and Balkan cultures, merging them into a cohesive, brand-new sound that is unique in the current music market place, yet representative of the ever evolving landscape audiences are looking for, all rooted in the common-ground language of jazz. Jan is a private music instructor at Gold Coast Arts.

Click here to learn more about Jan’s music.


Maya Nova teaches Piano, Guitar and Voice at Gold Coast Arts. Click the video to view DAYS music video Рperformed by Maya Nova, written by Maya Nova.

tina lama

Tina Lama teaches Bass, Piano, Guitar and Voice at Gold Coast Arts.
To learn more about Tina, Click HERE.